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Why Kavanaugh needs to brush up on his Watergate history

President Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh declared in 2016 that he wanted to "put the final nail...

Nikki Haley, Jared Kushner: For Gaza peace, tell the truth about Hamas

The old clich- about turning around a battleship is true. It doesn't happen quickly. But something is happening at th...

Reagan aide: Condemn Trump's 'enemy of the people' rhetoric

In a rare display of bipartisan unity, Republican and Democratic senators and representatives are practically trippin...

Republican leaders need to remember what happened the last time America chose to be isolated

By attacking our closest allies and their leaders and displaying obsequious deference to the virtual dictator Vladimi...

Why we should ditch the 'perfect woman' myth

This month, countless women resp...

Trump's right: Britain IS in turmoil

Given the turbulent period Theresa May has been experiencing over the past fortnight, she could be forgiven for think...

Cohen's recording of Trump is a warning sign

Michael Avenatti was right: The "#trumptapes" do exist. Michael Cohen, the man who once said he'd be willing to take ...

Erin Burnett: Tape shows Trump's team lied

CNN's Erin Burnett breaks down the news that President Trump's former personal attorney Michael Cohen secretly recorded him discussing payments to former Playboy model Karen McDougal before the 2016 election.

Anderson Cooper: The spin has just begun

The FBI is in possession of a recording between President Donald Trump and his former personal attorney Michael Cohen in which the two men prior to the election discuss a payment to a former Playboy model who has alleged an affair with Trump, which the President previously denied knowing about.

A second Trump-Putin meeting would be madness

Donald Trump is President, but he is not king of America; the country is not his private property.When he was ...

Russia plays up Putin's success after summit

Since President Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin's summit in Helsinki, the Russian media has been spinning their own version of events implying Putin came out on top. CNN's Brian Todd reports.

Duck boat disaster: Tragedy strikes a country playground

When I was a boy, my father built a cabin on Table Rock Lake in the Ozark Mountains. We stayed there during the summe...

Trump, Musk and the art of the non-apology

You don't get to where I am in life without understanding the anatomy of a good apology. The idea is to acknowledge a...

17 killed after duck boat capsizes in Missouri

CNN's Miguel Marquez reports.

What ties Trump's two big summits together

As Americans and allied nations around the world absorb the shock of President Donald Trump's betrayal of western str...

Comedian to congressman: Go ahead and call us sluts

Rep. Jason Lewis was elected in 2016 to serve the people of Minnesota's 2nd Congressional District.Jason is up...

Democrats need to fix their own voter suppression problem

Every wing of the Democratic Party is rightfully outraged at voter suppression and disenfranchisement. ...

Rep. Tim Ryan: Marijuana should be legal in all 50 states

The year Donald Trump was elected President, more Americans...

Jake Tapper: What the hell is going on?

CNN's Jake Tapper reacts to White House press secretary Sarah Sanders' statement that says President Trump disagrees with Putin's "sincere" proposal to interrogate Americans.

GOP rep. defends prior comments on 'slut' women

GOP congressman Jason Lewis (R-MN) has a long history of making deeply misogynistic comments on the radio, including once lamenting that women can no longer be called "sluts."

Trump's Putin outrage: Congress needs to do more than huff and puff

President Trump is turning heads again. After coming under intense fire for his stunning remarks, effectively siding ...

Albright on Putin summit: I am worrying more

Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright said that after President Trump's summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin, she is "worrying more."

'Schoolhouse Rock' takes on double negatives

"The Late Show with Stephen Colbert" uses "Schoolhouse Rock" to explain double negatives after President Trump said he misspoke when he said "would" instead of "wouldn't" during his press conference with Vladimir Putin.

The best week ever for throwing shade at Trump

In a week chock full of fallout from the President's disgraceful performance in Helsinki, it's nice to see that at le...

Historian: Americans are right to wonder if the Great Experiment has failed

Americans are right to wonder if, at long last, what George Washington called the Great Experiment has failed, and th...

Pop star mocks Trump with new lyrics

Pop star Richard Marx changed the lyrics to one of his hit songs to mock President Trump's "would vs wouldn't" switcheroo. Now everyone's doing it. CNN's Jeanne Moos reports.

The most jaw-dropping aspects of the Trump-Putin summit

You know you're not in Kansas anymore when a US President is willing to consider allowing Russia to interrogate a for...

Thai boys who were trapped in cave had a powerful survival tool

It's a captivating image: a dozen pre-teen and teen boys trapped in a cave for 10 days, only to be found by rescuers ...

Intel director: Warning lights are blinking red

Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats says "the warning lights are blinking red" and foreign adversaries are working every day to penetrate the US infrastructure. CNN's Ana Cabrera has more.

Confronted with Putin's lies, Trump flinches again

Like a boy forced to say "I'm sorry" when he doesn't mean it, President Donald Trump has been sullenly trying to fix ...

Trump questions commitment to defend NATO allies

In an interview with Fox News, President Trump calls into question the US' commitment to defend all NATO allies.

Video shows Thai boys' rescue from cave

Remarkable video released by the Thai Navy SEALs shows the rescue operation to bring the Wild Boar soccer team out of Thailand's Tham Luang cave.

Zuckerberg's comments give Holocaust deniers an opening

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook's CEO, ...

How to secure US elections from future hacking

According to indictments released last week by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, Russian intelligence officers successf...

Trump and Putin: the pictures tell the story

Anyone who needs confirmation of the secret of a strongman -- that he's a weak man, in constant need of ego affirmati...

What Trump gets terribly wrong on Montenegro

On June 5, the small European country of Montenegro became the 29th member of NATO. And on Tuesday night, on Fox News...

Trump's written notes spotted on Russia statement

President Donald Trump, facing an onslaught of bipartisan fury over his glowing remarks about Vladimir Putin, said more than 24 hours afterward that he had misspoken during his news conference with the autocratic Russian leader.

Fox News host defends Trump, blames Mexico

Fox News host Tucker Carlson claims Mexico has interfered in the US election 'more successfully' than Russia.

Donald Trump thinks you're stupid

President Donald Trump appears to think we are all idiots.He just tried to fix what could be the biggest crisi...

Vladimir Putin must be delighted with his useful idiots in the West

Wriggling his backside further into the velvet luxury of the 19th Century armchair, ...

Erin Burnett: How stupid does Trump think we are?

CNN's Erin Burnett discusses President Trump's attempt to walk back his comments about Russian interference in the 2016 election by saying he misspoke.

Donald Trump is hilariously losing his war on comedy

Donald Trump loves wars.There's his trade wars with everyone from Canada to China.Then we have Trump's ...

Dan Coats' remarkable rebuke to President Trump

Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats spent over a decade in the House and Senate and served as ambassador to G...

Trump is not evil, just an amateur

Sometimes, I'm more alarmed by people's exaggerated reactions to Donald Trump than by Trump himself. It's the cult of...

What Mandela would think of the world today

CNN's Eleni Giokos met with Nelson Mandela's widow, Graca Machel, to discuss Mandela Day, and what he would think of the world today.

Biden: Trump behavior beneath the Presidency

Former US Vice President Joe Biden said that President Donald Trump's conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki was "beneath the office of the Presidency."

Clarke: Trump acting like "Controlled Asset"

Former White House Counterterror Czar Richard Clarke says Trump is acting in a way that he thinks Putin wants him to act.

Trump: Russia summit a tremendous success

President Trump says his summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin was a "tremendous success."

Borger: Trump looked like he was in hostage tape

CNN panelists bash President Trump's explanation for one of his comments at a joint press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Cuomo: Americans gasped, then shouted 'no'

CNN's Chris Cuomo reacts to President Donald Trump's comments during the summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, Finland.

Commentators slam Trump for summit performance

President Donald Trump is facing backlash from both sides after his comments at the summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, Finland.

Cooper: Trump sided with a near-dictator

CNN's Anderson Cooper reacts to President Donald Trump's comments at his press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, Finland.

Putin denies Russia interfered in US election

Russia President Vladimir Putin denied that Russia interfered in the 2016 US presidential election, during an interview with Fox News.

Ex-Bush CIA Official: DNI Coats should step down

Former CIA official and White House Situation Room Director Larry Pfeiffer told CNN's Jake Taper that DNI Dan Coats should submit a letter of resignation.

Is Trump putting Putin first, America second?

This isn't the first time Trump has sided with Putin over U.S. officials. CNN's Jake Tapper reports.

Ex-FBI Official: Hard to see how DNI Coats stays on the job

Former FBI official Josh Campbell told CNN's Jake Tapper that he doesn't see how Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats stays on the job.

Exclusive: Finland President on Helsinki Summit

Reacting to the Russia-U.S. summit in Helsinki, Finland's President Sauli Niinistö says dialogue isn't important if it doesn't progress in a constructive way.

Reporter asks Putin: Do you have compromising info on Trump?

AP reporter Jonathan Lemire asks Russian President Vladimir Putin if he has compromising information on President Trump. In his answer, Putin claimed that he didn't know Trump was in Moscow in 2013 but that contradicts what President Trump said on February 10, 2014 in an appearance on Fox News.

Corker: Putin gained a tremendous amount today

Senator Bob Corker (R-TN) said that Russian President Vladimir Putin gained a "tremendous amount" today and was probably eating caviar on the plane home from his meeting with President Trump in Helsinki, Finland.

John King: Call this the 'surrender summit'

CNN anchor John King says President Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin's summit in Helsinki, Finland, should be referred to as the "surrender summit."

Anderson Cooper: Trump performance disgraceful

After a joint news conference with President Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin, CNN's Anderson Cooper called Trump's performance "disgraceful."

Trump dodges question on Russian interference

President Donald Trump declines to say whether he agrees with US intelligence agencies' assessments that Russia interfered in the 2016 presidential election, instead choosing to attack Hillary Clinton and the DNC.

Sadiq Khan 'not looking for a fight' with Trump

London Mayor Sadiq Khan speaks with Christiane Amanpour about President Trump's visit to London, their ongoing war of words, and the anti-Trump protests.

How past presidents have handled Putin

President Donald Trump will be the fourth US president to hold a summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin. CNN's Jake Tapper looks at how President Trump's predecessors handled their meetings with Putin.

Trump plays golf ahead of Putin summit

President Donald Trump plays golf in Scotland before traveling to Helsinki, Finland, for a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. CNN's Phil Black reports.

Bash on DNC hacking: This is a major crime

CNN's Dana Bash responds to US Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein's announcement that 12 Russian intelligence officers have been charged with the DNC hacking and conspiring to interfere with the 2016 presidential election.

Berman reacts to Trump undercutting Theresa May

CNN's John Berman compares President Trump's praise about former UK foreign secretary Boris Johnson to that of a foreign leader coming to the US and touting Sen. Marco Rubio or Hillary Clinton as a "great president."

Trump on UK: Very strong relationship

President Trump and Theresa May speak about the US-UK relationship after Trump slammed the British Prime Minister in an interview with British tabloid The Sun.

Rep. Gowdy grills Strzok over text messages

Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) questions FBI agent Peter Strzok during a House Oversight Committee hearing.

Stormy Daniels taken in custody at Ohio strip club

Adult film actress Stormy Daniels was taken into custody at an Ohio strip club after allegedly touching three undercover detectives during her performance in violation of state law. Daniels, who gained notoriety after suing President Donald Trump following an alleged affair, faces three misdemeanor counts of illegally touching a patron, court records show.

Former NATO Ambassador: "I'm a little worried"

After President Trump's confrontational NATO meeting, Victoria Nuland says "He seems to forgive our allies and enjoy beating up our friends."

Trump: Alliance to NATO remains 'very strong'

President Trump makes a statement to the press at the NATO summit in Brussels, Belgium.

Stormy Daniels arrested at strip club in Ohio

Adult film actress Stormy Daniels was arrested for allegedly allowing a customer to touch her while performing at a strip club in Ohio, her attorney said.

Jidenna: There are milions of Nouras across the world

For Grammy-nominated recording artist and producer Jidenna, Noura Hussein's story hit close to home. In an exclusive video op-ed for CNN's As Equals series, he discusses ending child marriage globally and advocating for "Nouras across the world."

Trump unleashes on allies at NATO summit

President Trump kicked off the annual NATO summit by calling out US allies for not spending enough on defense and accusing Germany of being "a captive of Russia." CNN's Jeff Zeleny reports.

Navarro: Racists must pay the consequences

CNN political commentator Ana Navarro responds to a video of a man allegedly harassing a woman for wearing a shirt with the Puerto Rican flag, saying it was un-American.

Trump isn't the first to ask NATO to pay more

President Trump is pushing US allies to spend more on defense, which is something former presidents Bush and Obama said while in office.

Trump: Germany held captive by Russia

At a breakfast event ahead of the NATO summit in Brussels, President Trump called Germany "totally controlled by Russia" due to the gas pipeline. CNN's Nic Robertson reports.

Trump to immigrants: Don't come illegally

President Trump made remarks on the lawn of the White House as he departed for Brussels for the NATO summit.

2006: Kavanaugh discusses Roe v. Wade

At his 2006 confirmation hearing for the D.C. Circuit Court, Brett Kavanaugh was asked about the landmark abortion rights case.

Trump pardons ranchers involved in land dispute

President Trump pardoned two men, Dwight Hammond Jr. and his son Steven Hammond, whose dispute with federal authorities over federal land usage sparked the takeover of a wildlife refuge in Oregon in 2016.

Kavanaugh meets with Pence and GOP leaders

Vice President Mike Pence and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell meet with President Trump's Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, saying they look forward to the confirmation process.

Meet Trump's pick for Supreme Court

President Donald Trump nominated Brett Kavanaugh to fill retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy's seat on the US Supreme Court.

Flake: Concerned what Trump could promise Putin

Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) tells CNN's Dana Bash what his advice to President Trump would be when he meets with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Pompeo dismisses N. Korea's 'gangster' comments

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo dismissed North Korea's accusation of a "gangster-like mindset" in denuclearization talks, saying the two nations had productive conversations that will continue in the days ahead.

Replacing Kennedy: The Finalists

Michael Smerconish goes over the president's top nominees to replace retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy. What's really at stake?

Berman: Not a rounding error, they're children

CNN's John Berman blasts the Trump administration for its lack of transparency on exactly how many children, who were separated from their parents at the US-Mexico border, are in government custody.

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt resigns

President Donald Trump says he has accepted the resignation of Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt. CNN's Sara Ganim reports.

Dems ask FBI to investigate Scott Pruitt

House Democrats, fed up with Scott Pruitt's seemingly endless stream of questionable ethical behavior, are seeking to take the investigation against him to a new level -- to the FBI and Department of Justice. CNN's Drew Griffin reports.

Woman who confronted Scott Pruitt speaks out

Kristin Mink, the woman who confronted EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt in a restaurant, discusses why she urged him to resign.

Toobin: Pruitt and Putin do no wrong to Trump

CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin reacts to EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt reportedly appealing to President Donald Trump to fire Attorney General Jeff Sessions and let him run the Department of Justice.

Search team unsure how to free trapped boys

CNN's Tom Foreman explains the pros and cons of the possible rescue strategies being considered to save the trapped Thai soccer team.

Rep. Jordan denies ignoring alleged sex abuse

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) is denying a report that he turned a blind eye to alleged sexual abuse at Ohio State University when he was an assistant wrestling coach. CNN's Jean Casarez reports.

Doctor: Thai rescue will be complicated

Dr. Paul Auerbach, a professor of emergency medicine at Stanford University, details how physicians will evaluate a trapped Thai soccer team as search teams try to find a way to save the young boys.

Race to save soccer team trapped in Thai cave

CNN's Anna Coren reports on the complications authorities are facing with freeing 12 Thai soccer players and their coach from a flooded cave.

Berman: Is Michael Cohen ready to sing?

CNN's John Berman looks into an ABC interview where President Donald Trump's longtime personal attorney Michael Cohen questions whether he will stay loyal to the President.

Trump's shortlist for Supreme Court pick

President Donald Trump interviewed four candidates for the next Supreme Court nominee to replace retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy.

Trump lawyer Michael Cohen hints at flipping

President Donald Trump's personal attorney, Michael Cohen, tells ABC News' George Stephanopoulos that "my wife, my daughter and my son have my first loyalty and always will." CNN's Brynn Gingras reports.

Cohen: My family and country come first

President Donald Trump's personal attorney, Michael Cohen, tells ABC News' George Stephanopoulos that "my wife, my daughter and my son have my first loyalty and always will."

Mexico elects leftist politician as new president

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has declared victory in Mexico's presidential election, with preliminary results showing the leftist veteran politician securing a landslide win. CNN's Leyla Santiago reports.

LeBron James to join the Los Angeles Lakers

Basketball superstar LeBron James has signed a four-year, $154 million deal to join the Los Angeles Lakers, his agency, Klutch Sports Group, announced.

LeBron James: 'I've defeated the odds'

LeBron James discusses his upbringing and using his platform for social good.

Trump blasts movement calling to abolish ICE

President Trump tweets that there's "zero chance" a progressive push to abolish US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) will ever happen.

Columnist: Journalists are part of the people

Terry Smith, a contributing columnist at the Capital Gazette newspaper where five people were shot and killed, tells CNN's John Berman there is a full-scale war on the press.

Trump speaks on deadly shooting at Capital Gazette

While delivering remarks on the six-month anniversary of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, President Donald Trump expressed his sympathy for those who lost their lives in the Capital Gazette newsroom shooting in Annapolis, Maryland.

Obama's message to Dems: Do more than mope

Former President Barack Obama delivered a message for troubled Democrats at a Democratic National Committee fundraiser in Los Angeles, urging them to do more than just mope.

Hannity criticized for Maryland shooting comments

Television and radio host Sean Hannity faced criticism for appearing to link comments made by Rep. Maxine Waters and a fatal shooting at an Annapolis, Maryland, newspaper.

Photos show N. Korea improving nuclear facility

New satellite images show North Korea has made rapid improvements to the infrastructure at its Yongbyon Nuclear Scientific Research Center, a facility used to produce weapons-grade fissile material. CNN's Brian Todd reports.

Nearly 500,000 in jail without a conviction

Nearly half a million people in American jails have not been convicted of a crime. Van Jones blames our bail system. For more on the United States' sprawling criminal justice system, watch the CNN Film "American Jail" Sunday, July 1 at 8 p.m. ET.

McConnell: Fall vote on Kennedy's replacement

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) says the Senate will hold a vote this fall to confirm President Donald Trump's yet-to-be-named successor to Justice Anthony Kennedy.

I have known Kirstjen Nielsen for nearly 30 years. She should resign now

I have known Kirstjen Nielsen for nearly 30 years -- since we were both incoming freshman at Georgetown University's ...

The story from 1931 we still need to hear on Juneteenth

June 19 is the anniversary of the day in 1865 that black people in Galveston, Texas, belatedly learned from the Union...

A stunning display of first ladies' enduring moral power

The four living former first ladies -- Rosalynn Carter, Laura Bush, Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama -- have broken...

W. Kamau Bell: Why is Mobile, Alabama, my real home? Because of Dad

What do you think when you think "Alabama"? Extremely conservative politics? That's true. One of President Trump's bi...

On Juneteenth, let's commit to ending separation of parents and children at the border

On this day in 1865 -- commemorated now as Juneteenth -- news of emancipation reached the enslaved people of Texas. ...

Ivanka's deafening silence

When Ivanka Trump took the stage at the Republican National Convention in 2016 to stump for her father, then-candidat...

Trump presides over a global sunset to democracy

Donald Trump is presiding over a sunset to democracy that is spreading across the world, eradicating much of the spir...

If Democrats are the party of the people, let's act like it

As leaders of two of the largest unions in the country, we represent more than three million public service workers -...

Three reasons to (cautiously) celebrate Supreme Court on gerrymandering

What could have been a bang ended in a whimper.Most observers expected the Supreme Court's major partisan gerr...

When Donald Trump was separated from his family

In a psychodrama played out on a giant scale at the US border with Mexico, the Trump administration is wrenching immi...

A terrified 9-year-old boy's story symbolizes Trump's policy

There is a terrified 9-year-old boy in New York City right now. He and his mother fled Honduras to come to the United...

For South Koreans, Singapore summit was far from a failure

We've made much of what President Donald Trump failed to get from Kim Jong Un in Singapore.Those failures woul...

Germany's World Cup team symbolizes country's political divide

The warm weather in Berlin is the perfect backdrop for a repeat "...

Putin can't wait for his next photo-op with Trump

Every week, I offer a glimpse of the kind of intelligence assessments that are likely to come across the desk of the ...

Trump beats Obama at the lying game

Even the harshest critics of Donald Trump have to concede that the President excels at one thing -- lying. And he doe...

The myth of the all-powerful Trump

The votes were not even fully counted in the South Carolina First Congressional District primary before the verdict w...

The proper way to view the Trump Foundation scandal

Forget about Donald Trump for a moment.Imagine a hypothetical man who takes donations from people who think th...

Trump uses IG report to spread 'deep state' conspiracy

"War of the Two Narratives" may not be the next "Avengers: Infinity War," but it is what the titanic struggle consumi...

Gas prices are way too high. Here's what Trump can do about it

Americans now pay around $2.87 for a gallon of gas. That's ...

5 ways Trump weakened America this surreal week

Every week is "interesting" -- in the ...

Theologian: Jeff Sessions misreads the Bible to justify separating families

In a speech to law enforcement officers in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Attorney General Jeff Sessions defended the Trump adm...

'No one speaks for' Melania Trump

Donald Trump and his eldest children were hunkered down with Washington lawyers at the President's golf club in Bedmi...

It was all about James Comey and his team

After more than 17 long months of anticipation, it finally arrived.And for those inclined to read it, the repo...

When Father's Day is both bitter and sweet

I always seem to get extra nostalgic around this time of year. A favorite song or a favorite dessert can quickly brin...

The war on drugs failed. It's time for a war on abuse

Two days before she was found dead of a gunshot wound to the head on May 3 of this year, Anako Lumumba told police th...

The FBI got swamped by a 500-year flood

It turns out the FBI wasn't a bastion of "Deep State" liberal sympathizers who violated their sacred oaths t...

Trump's zero-tolerance policy is un-American

Imagine an Immigration and Customs Enforcement official telling an undocumented immigrant mother waiting to request a...

Trump faces what he's long avoided: being held to account

Donald Trump has always acted as if all is fair in love and war, and that his life is never-ending combat. In this ba...

Just imagine if Obama had done it....

If Barack Obama had behaved the way President Donald Trump has, Republicans would be demanding investigations and an ...

Suicide is preventable: Here's how to stop it

The recent deaths of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain are a stark reminder that suicide takes far too many lives prema...

Mick Mulvaney fired us for advocating for consumers

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau acting director Mick Mulvaney has ousted a committed group of experts who volunt...

Trump movie trailers: What if they could solve more world crises?

Watching the video that President Donald Trump showed on his iPad to Kim Jong Un in Singapore this week inspired me t...

SE Cupp: RNC chair's tweet spells doom for the party I love

#RIPGOP.You might not know the name Ronna McDaniel. But do me a favor, write it down.Because what she ...

A migrant ship's fate symbolizes a divided Europe

The new Italian government is making international headlines -- and not necessarily for its generosity. Interior Mini...

Mike Pence's shameless suck up to the boss

At the Southern Baptist Convention this week in Dallas, it looked as if things were going well -- that they were chan...

If Trump administration has its way, insurance coverage for pre-existing conditions could cost you more

The Affordable Care Act is back in court again. In February, 20 Republican states, led by Texas, filed a lawsuit cla...

The expat watching America watch soccer

The World Cup is here and -- even if they ...

The Minnesota raccoon's journey has a deeper resonance

The small thin body slowly climbs t...

If Democrats agree with Soros' sexist comments, they're in trouble

A year and a half after Donald Trump cruised into the Oval Office, spotlighting the fact that thoroughly unqualified ...

What just happened? Experts break it down

CNN Opinion asked a group of expert commentators to weigh in with their reactions to the historic meeting between Don...

How Obama's team lost its innocence

Way back in the 20th century, America's foreign policy principles were described with genteel phrases like the "Truma...

After the shock, allies will react to Trump with anger and retribution

As with any tragedy there is shock -- this is what America's allies are experiencing right now. Other emotions will f...

What I pray for after the loss of Anthony Bourdain

I did not know Anthony Bourdain.I do not know the anguished family, close friends and colleagues who are griev...

Supreme Court takes a giant step backward on voter rights

To strengthen our democracy, we should promote inclusive elections where we remove unnecessary hurdles and make it ea...

Sally Yates: When darkness falls- my dad's battle with depression

It was May 6, 1986, and I was just days away from graduating from law school. Late in the afternoon, my mother called...

Parkland student: Ending violence begins in the classroom

While we may never know why a young man decided to carry out a mass shooting at my high school -- Marjory Stoneman Do...

A fan's tribute to Anthony Bourdain

The late Anthony Bourdain's television show on CNN wasn't really about food. It was about travel, exploration and a ...

Trump aims to break EU apart

President Trump's abrupt departure from the G7 summit on June 9 and puerile parting shots at Canada and Europe unders...

Reagan was also annoyed with a Canadian PM named Trudeau

Justin Trudeau is not the first Canadian Prime Minister by that last name to annoy a US president. It was no secret t...

The problem with Vermont's bright idea

Have you heard? Vermont - home of Bernie Sanders, Ben & Jerry's and fresh maple syrup on tap - is now ...

President Trump, leave the hugs at home

Every week, I offer a glimpse of the kind of intelligence assessments that are likely to come across the desk of the ...

The realization has finally dawned that Donald Trump does not respond to reason

From somewhere above 31,000 feet, heading to his North Korean summit in Singapore, Donald Trump pitched a hand grenad...

Fareed: Kim regime is brutal, but rational

The world will watch nervously as ...

After a shattering week, a search for the light

"There is a crack in everythingThat's how the light gets in."Mystery writer Louise Pe...

Four steps for a successful Trump-Kim summit

President Donald Trump flies to Singapore this week for a potentially legacy-making moment when he meets with North K...

Trump spells trouble for America's G7 allies

At last year's G7 summit in Italy, leaders of the world's leading economies were ...

Bill Maher is wrong to root for a recession

Bill Maher may have made his cruelest and most ill-informed comment yet -- and that says a lot, given his track recor...

Chef Edward Lee: Bourdain changed my life

Anthony Bourdain was universally adored for his writing, his wit and swagger, his bitter intelligence, his sarcasm an...

Jeff Sessions tried and failed to justify splitting up migrant families

It's hard to defend the indefensible. On Tuesday, Attorney General Jeff Sessions ...

Trump's Singapore gambit is money

President Donald Trump has signaled his opening -- and maybe best -- gambit when he meets with Kim Jong Un in Singapo...

The only world leader who can rely on Trump is Vladimir Putin

Surely, Vladimir Putin let out a smile when he heard it. The Russian president has many reasons to rejoice these days...

Doctor: Suicide prevention: here's how you can help

For the millions who watched his shows, Anthony Bourdain was a man living his best life, a magnetic interlocutor and ...

Anthony Bourdain was a voice for the underdog

A constant, poetic and fierce love of immigrants and refugees marked chef, writer and storyteller Anthony Bourdain's ...

Mars is suddenly more interesting

NASA's Curiosity rover has ...

Biden & Frist: Now is not the time to cut off AIDS funding

Last month marked the 15th anniversary of the President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief, or PEPFAR. The celebrations...

Anthony Bourdain saw the humanity in all of us

Anthony Bourdain, who died in France on Friday at 61, was always more of a teacher than an avatar. For the millions w...

A failed Trump-Kim summit would be a catastrophe

Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un are due to meet Tuesday in Singapore. President Trump impulsively ag...

To meet demand for rural power, communities can look to nuclear energy

In 1994, the Clinton administration shut down a small sodium reactor that had operated without incident at Idaho Nati...

Former NFLer: Where Trump sees 'SOBs,' I see role models

"You aren't listening."That's what Philadelphia Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins wrote on a placard he showed to ...

Asia's new methamphetamine hotspot fueling regional unrest

There is a serious threat growing under the radar in Myanmar -- a threat to its peace process, to the region and to t...

Time cover gets Trump just right

Time magazine has connected the dots of Donald Trump's intensely personal presidency. ...

FEMA wants local governments to step up

FEMA Administrator Brock Long ...

White House is doing Putin's meddling job for him

Somewhere in Moscow, an award ceremony no doubt recently took place honoring the group responsible for pulling off on...

Trump's Ramadan invite to Muslims is a year too late

When President Trump entered the Oval Office, the American Muslim community held its breath.We shouldered a co...

Why Kim Kardashian wanted President Trump to free me

Alice Marie Johnson first wrote this piece in 2016, and updated it in early May when Kim Kardashian West was advo...

Staged 'murder' of Russian journalist comes at a heavy price

Without firing a shot or sacrificing a life, the Ukrainian security services have scored a direct propaganda hit agai...

Why Kim Kardashian thinks I should be released from prison

Some refer to prison as a place where hope dies. Some days I've found that to be almost right. But at the beginning o...

How we talk about Kate Spade could help others survive

I was sitting at my desk when a push notification came on my phone about Kate Spade's suicide, and I felt a rush of v...

Volcanologist: Why Guatemala's volcano is so lethal

Four years ago, during my very first field season as a volcanologist, I was at the bottom of Barranca Ceniza (Ash Val...

Feminists hailing Stanford rape case judge recall should think again

Harassment and assault of women is a serious problem and we need to correct our culture to eliminate it. But the...

How the Supreme Court (respectfully) kicked the cake down the road

For people on both sides of the Masterpiece Cakeshop issue, it was a disappointing day. They hoped that the Supreme C...

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Hi: 89° Lo: 60°
Feels Like: 91°
Red Bluff
97° wxIcon
Hi: 99° Lo: 72°
Feels Like: 97°
Few Clouds
95° wxIcon
Hi: 102° Lo: 68°
Feels Like: 95°
Near average highs this weekend, but searing heat returns next week!
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